Sunday Service: 10:00am
302 Big Ferry Rd. Miramichi, NB 
(506) 773-9624

A Love Story for ALL People

Hanging in our entryway is a print of Rembrandt's The Prodigal Son.  Why is it there?  Many think this parable is about the "bad" son who returns to his father and is celebrated.  Some might remember the "good" elder brother who followed all the rules and became angry when he heard his father was throwing a feast for the rebellious son. 
Ultimately, this parable is about God and His extravagant love for ALL of us, the religious and the irreligious.
This story is actually about the Father: With a fierce and unconditional love, he embraced both sons and invited them to join the feast. Ultimately, this parable is about God and His extravagant love for ALL of us,  the religious and the irreligious.    This is the kind of church community we strive to be. 
Not a self-righteous group that works hard to look good, but broken people who are intertwined in God's amazing story of redemption. We want to reflect the boundless love of God that brings us to our knees in repentance, praise and love for others.

Who we are

Douglastown Community Church belongs to the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), located in the Douglastown area of Miramichi, NB. We are a Gospel- and prayer-centred church with a passion to see Christ bring restoration and healing to the city of Miramichi and its people. 
Our diverse God-given passions have led us to share Christ's love with our community in a number of tangible ways. For the last few years, we have had  the honor of serving and partnering with a number of community groups, such as:

Our Purpose

To walk with the people of Miramichi so that together, we will actively believe and share the Gospel of Jesus and be a growing, faithful presence in the city.
Our Vision

As the Gospel of Jesus Christ grows in our hearts and lives, we will share this Truth so that the hearts, lives and community of Miramichi and beyond are transformed for Christ’s glory.
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